Stevie Ray Vaughan
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SRV illustration アソシエイト

Tour Pass

Serious Moonlight Tour 1983
(no SRV)

Stevie Ray Vaughan RockCards

Stevie Ray Vaughan $100 Dollar Bills

Stevie Ray Vaughan Mexican Coin
50 pesos coin from early '80's.
One side has been resurfaced with silhouette of Stevie wearing his Mexican serape and trademark hat.

Couldn't Stand The Weather US promo press kit

"In Step Tour" Tour Itinerary
1989.May 1989.June-July

Last Concert Promotional Ticket Voucher (26Aug90)

No.1 Promo Guitar Shaped Cardboard Display

This item was released to promote "Greatest Hits Vol.II" album.

RIAA Platinam Award "Couldn't Stand The Weather" - Presented to Stevie Ray Vaughan!!

Box Set Counter Display And Posters
The Boxed Set Description promo only in-store 17" x 12" easel-back counter display which holds 30 posters for give-away, also includes 2 mini counter displays, still sealed.

1985 Japan Tour Program